Akam Grand

We use high-quality products only. High diversity of colors and patterns allows to select any material you like.

Cladding system AKAM GRAND is applied for wall cladding of any architectural complexity and can be implemented for the tiles up to 260 kgs weight both during new and re-construction projects. The system's elements are made of galvanized or stainless steel.


  • High-rise wall cladding;
  • Considerable installation speed;
  • Whole year jobs (absence of wet processes);
  • Insulation and service lines coverage;
  • Re-installation capability;
  • Resistance to temperature and vibration fluctuation;
  • Condensation moisture prevention;


Vertical installation: fixing elements are located in vertical channels. The load affects the bearing anchor, while the guiding anchor (usually the upper one) provides vertical fixation.

Horizontal installation: the fixing elements are located in horizontal channels. Each anchor bears the load and provides the fixation of the lower tile.

Hidden installation: fixing elements are located at the back of the tile. When doing wall cladding, one can observe all a.m. methods depending on technical solutions.

Горизонтальный монтаж. Прямая установка

Horizontal installation. Direct installation.

Вертикальный монтаж. Монтаж на каркасе

Vertical installation. Installation on subsystem.


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