We use high-quality products only. High diversity of colors and patterns allows to select any material you like.

Ventilated facades are the key mark of quality, stability, comfort and respectable image of the building. Such facade systems represent a progressive solution, which can be applied for both new and reconstructed buildings. The ventilated facade is a wall-mounted structure, consisting of guiding elements which are used for insulation and cladding fixing. The cladding and insulation are divided by air gap in order to provide air penetration.

PROTECTION – is the main function of ventilated facade, thus the most durable materials are used for cladding.


The second technical function – IS HEAT INSULATION, as such insulated buildings become «thermal cups». For instance, after central heating shut down during winter times, such buildings lose their heat 5-6 times less than the other buildings. On the contrary, they keep cool air inside and provide considerable economy by being a sun-protecting screen, which is exposed to thermal stream and reflects its major part.


The third function of ventilated facade is SOUNDPROOFING: ventilated facades increase soundproofing capabilities of the walls 1.5-2 times more. When combined with vacuum glass-packs, this function is very important in urban areas and in the places with considerable noise impact (railway stations, airports, etc.).


One of the biggest advantages of ventilated facades is their tolerance towards walls preparation. For instance, in cases of «wet» wall cladding one should provide considerable wall surface preparation (scraping, levelling, etc.). On the contrary, ventilated facades do not need all of this as their main purpose is to hide the defects and in most cases they are the most effective and cheap facing method even if compared to painting. They also give an opportunity for further re-construction. The other advantage of ventilated facades is their installation, as it can be performed all the year round under any climate conditions except the cases, when such jobs become dangerous.


The other function gives You an opportunity to make the building corresponding to FIRE SAFETY REGULATIONS, as a.m. facades are made of inflammable and fire-preventing materials.


The last, but not the least is the AESTHETICAL function. The broad assortment of facing materials and ability to combine them in unlimited number of variants give way to designing solutions, which can create an original and unique aesthetical image of the project.

The final advantage of a.m. systems is their durability. When the installation of insulation and cladding materials is correctly observed one can consider the life time not less than 50 years.

Such materials as natural stone, ceramic tiles, clinker bricks, terracotta tiles, HPL-panels used for cladding are not only resistant to external exposures, but also enjoy unlimited variety of colors, surface finishing and dimensions.